Staying calm during a volatile market

Welcome to the New Year, we look forward to guiding you through the investment market in 2016. 2015 in review At home the broader Australian market (S&P ASX300) finished just 2.8% up for the calender year, trading between 5982 in late April to 4918 in late September. All major commodities continued to fall throughout the

Socially Responsible Investment

Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) takes into consideration not only the financial returns of a company but the social impact it makes. This can involve various levels of social responsibility from sustainability themed investing, negative screening (avoiding certain types of companies, for example, alcohol, gaming and tobacco) to best practice in relation to environmental, social

Investing for income in retirement

A large number of Australia’s population are approaching retirement age and looking for an income stream to fund their retirement. By law retirees aged between 65 and 74 need to drawdown a minimum of 5% of the value of their pension investments each year. Unfortunately, a conservative investment portfolio will generally provide a return below

Australian share market latest news

The Australian share market has experienced a very difficult period since March 2015. We have summarised some of the key impacts on Australian shares, looking at the macro level and micro level factors that are playing a part. Macro level factors Earnings growth: Over the next two years there is an expectation that the Australian

Superannuation investment options

Choosing your investment options within superannuation How you manage your money within superannuation over the long term can make a big difference to your final balance. For some people, superannuation will be their largest pool of wealth so the decisions you make today should not be taken lightly. Most super funds have a number of

US interest rates and Australian Markets

Recent events overseas have certainly proven that the world’s markets are truly global and inter-connected. We have been shown that we are all in a global economy where we are affected by what is happening in other key countries and regions. Over the last two months, we have published updates to help you understand

Investment Market Update – 26 August 2015

Market corrections - a necessary pain Share markets around the world have fallen sharply over the last week. A number of events including a revaluation of the Chinese currency, weak Chinese manufacturing results and the expectation that the US will raise interest rates sooner rather than later, have combined to produce one of the