Step 1 – Initial contact

Your initial contact with Harvest is likely to be over the phone and prior to meeting with us at your first appointment. We will discuss what your requirements are and explain what Harvest can do for you. In this conversation we will let you know what you need to consider and the information to bring to your first meeting. This is a great opportunity for you to do your own financial ‘stock take’ before coming to see us.

Step 2 – First meeting

Your first meeting with Harvest is complimentary and is obligation free. At this meeting we will discuss your current financial situation, to get a strong sense of where you are at now, and find out your goals, so we know where you want to be. We can then let you know what we can do for you to help you meet your goals. At this point we provide you with a quote so you have all the information you need to make the decision to proceed.

Step 3 – Second meeting

Prior to the second meeting Harvest will confirm your advice needs and develop a financial strategy tailored to your individual requirements. We will outline detailed recommendations with a clear plan to help you achieve your goals. These recommendations will be presented to you and discussed. From this point we can agree on the implementation plan, and Harvest will execute the plan on your behalf.

Step 4 – Ongoing review

We schedule reviews to ensure that your financial plan remains up to date. Things change over time – financial markets, government legislation and also your personal financial circumstances and goals. We’ll also give you a clear picture as to changes on the horizon and discuss how these may impact your plan and what actions are needed to ensure your plan stays on course. Regular reviews are important in ensuring you achieve the end results you are looking for.