Our corporate clients come from many and varied industries, from IT to agri-business, and operate within Australia and New Zealand. They look to Harvest to add value to their employee benefit programmes (company super and group insurance plans) so that their workforce remains engaged and committed and better understands the value in the benefits being provided to them by their employer.

Our corporate clients look to us to:

  • Guide and support the decision making process to develop a well-structured employee benefit plan that attracts, motivates and retains the best talent.
  • Work alongside them as part of a team, using our skills and knowledge to reduce the time and effort of running a corporate superannuation plan. We keep them up to date, informed and aware of upcoming changes.
  • Get the most from their superannuation plan by making sure their provider is compliant and competitively priced, and implementing ideas and strategies that keep costs down and save them money.
  • Execute a tailored communication plan that makes the employees aware of the value they are receiving.
  • Assist their employees to make good financial decisions.

We take all the hassle out of running your corporate super program. This allows your team to focus on the things that truly have an impact on your company’s main business. Our objective is to save you time, effort and cost while delivering greater financial certainty for your employees and their families.

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