About Inbam Devadason

Inbam is a Director at Harvest Financial Group, and has been in the financial services industry for twenty four years. He is a qualified Actuary and Financial Planner who specialises in investment and superannuation. During the course of his career, Inbam has advised individual clients, superannuation trustees, corporate executives and company boards. In his spare time Inbam likes to give back to the community by volunteering his financial expertise to charities and non profit organisations. And he certainly keeps busy with his four children aged nine, seven, four and three.

Banks’ lending practices are changing

Interest rate announcement - November 2016 Today the Reserve Bank of Australia met to review the official cash rate. After cutting rates in August, the RBA have decided to leave rates on hold at 1.50% again this month. We expect that most lenders will leave their rates unchanged, in line with the Reserve Bank’s decision.

Do I really need a mortgage offset account?

Interest rate announcement - August 2016 Today the Reserve Bank of Australia met to review the official cash rate. After leaving rates on hold in July, the RBA have decided to cut rates to 1.50% this month (down 0.25%). We expect that most lenders will reduce their rates, in line with the Reserve Bank’s decision.

Life after Brexit

It has been an interesting month since Britain unexpectedly voted to leave the European Union (EU). In this newsletter, we discuss some of the expected implications of this significant event on world investment markets. Markets, particularly in the UK and Europe, fell sharply immediately after the result of the vote became clear. We believe that

Are Australian Banks still a good investment?

We have experienced some difficult investment market conditions over the last 12 months.  Globally, the key issues which have impacted markets are slowing growth and the need for low official interest rates to stimulate economies. Australian banks performed very well over the period of March 2009 to March 2015, however have pulled back significantly over

How much can I borrow to buy a property?

This is often one of the first questions that we are asked by clients when they are looking to buy a home or an investment property. In this article we focus on some of the recent changes to property loan lending and how they affect the amount that prospective buyers are able to borrow. The

Interest rates outlook

Our interest rates outlook over the next 12 months is for the official RBA cash rate to remain steady at 2.0%. Many market commentators expect the RBA will reduce the official cash rate by 0.25%, and it could be as soon as May 2016. If the RBA does reduce rates by 0.25% we expect

The latest Sydney property market news

We currently assess the Sydney property market to be at the high end of fair value. We expect that it may have peaked during 2015, and if there is a price drop in 2016 that it will be modest. We anticipate the price drop to be in the vicinity of 5%. Our view on

Staying calm during a volatile market

Welcome to the New Year, we look forward to guiding you through the investment market in 2016. 2015 in review At home the broader Australian market (S&P ASX300) finished just 2.8% up for the calender year, trading between 5982 in late April to 4918 in late September. All major commodities continued to fall throughout the

Property purchase: get your ducks in a row

Being prepared at each stage of your property purchase can help to ensure everything runs smoothly, saving you a lot of time and stress. By now we have already discussed building your deposit, getting all the assistance available to you if you are a first home buyer and knowing how much you can borrow.